Episodes - Season 2

A conversation with Jeffrey Schnapp (Professor of Comparative & Romance Literatures at Harvard University, Director of Harvard MetaLAB, Director of Berkman Center for Internet & Society, CVO Piaggio Fast Forward

Outline of the episode:

* On the Digital Humanities and the MetaLAB project 

* Technology, Internet, & Culture

* New Media & the Humanities. From the Printing Press to the World Wide Web

* The Design of Knowledge. The Intellectual as Knowledge Designer

* Literary Imagination and the Design of Objects

* Design, Design Thinking, & Innovation

* About Academia & Entrepreneurship

* The Italian Synthesis of Culture, Art and Industry

 Keywords: Technology, Humanities, Design, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Internet, New Media, Culture, Italian Studies, Academia, Knowledge


The Designer of Vespa and the Inventor of Helicopters

Outline of the episode:

* The myth of Vespa. From cinema to popular culture

* The story of Piaggio. From airplanes to scooters

* How the Vespa came about. And the Lambretta too.

* The Italian invention of the helicopter

 Keywords: Cinema, Helicopter, Engineering, Vespa, Scooter, Airplanes, Lambretta


A conversation with Armando Fumagalli​ (Professor of Semiotics, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano)

Outline of the episode:

* The semiotics of screenwriting

* Literature and cinema: translations vs adaptations

* Italian TV productions and the global market

* Italians in the American entertainment industry

 Keywords: Cinema, Television, Entertainment, Adaptation, Translation, Screenwriting


Episode 19: Gae Aulenti

The Female star of Italian Architecture

Outline of the episode:

* Italy as a cultural space. Why you should really go to Italy at some point in your life.

* A woman among the giants of Italian architecture

* The social and cultural endeavor of building

* Architecture as relationship

 Keywords: Design; Architecture; Milan; Building; Archistar


A conversation with Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo

Outline of the episode:

* What makes design Italian?

* What is design thinking?

* Design, innovation and aesthetics

* About  as a polyglot knowledge

 Keywords: Design Thinking; Italian Design; Knowledge Design; Designer; Innovation; Entrepreneurship; PepsiCo


Episode 17: Michele Ferrero


Chocolate dialogues. How Nutella turned from a sweet spread into a cultural icon.

Outline of the episode:

* A success story rooted in a constant dialogue, with the land (Langhe) and the customers (Valeria)

* Innovation is about observation. Mon Cheri, Nutella, Kinder eggs

* Sharing value to create values. The Ferrero philosophy

 Keywords: Chocolate; Confectionery; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Nutella; Cioccolato



A conversation with multilingual international attorney Joseph Gulino (DRRT)

Outline of the episode:

* Why should an American invest in Italy

* The Italian system: its limits, quirks, and distinctive elements

* Learning Italian as a way to cultivate a different approach to business

* Americans in Italy, Italians in the US

 Keywords: Investment; Business; Law; NIAF; AUR


Episode 15: Armando Cimolai


The Italian mastery of matter. Why Italy, yes Italy, is a global leader in the export of steel.

Outline of the episode:

* A cultural history of matter (rubber, asphalt, oil)

* Steel and the evolution of skyscrapers 

* The Italian steel company behind the Vessel (NYC)

* The craft and beauty of steel. Bridges, Stadiums, Towers.

 Keywords: Steel; Matter; Vessel; Stadiums; Bridges; Towers


A conversation with fashion scholar Eugenia Paulicelli (Queens College, CUNY)

Outline of the episode:

* Why fashion and cinema need each other

* What is the difference between a tailor and a costume designer? 

* Fashion and culture, fashion as culture

 Keywords: Cinema; Fashion; Costume Design; Tailoring


Episode 13: Milena Canonero

The costume designer of Hollywood. About fashion, cinema, and the Italian sartorial imagination.

Outline of the episode:

* A presentation of season 2 of Italian Innovators

* The Italian lady with 4 Academy Awards

* What Stanley Kubrik, Hugh Hudson, Sophia Coppola, and Wes Anderson owe to Milena Canonero 

* The Italian touch in tailoring dresses to characters

* Costume design at the intersection of fashion and cinema

 Keywords: Cinema; Oscars; Fashion; Costume Design


ITALIAN SUMMARY: In questo podcast abbiamo discusso della intersezione di costumi, moda e cinema. Nella immaginazione sartoriale di Milena Canonero la tradizione estetica e il patrimonio artistico italiano definiscono uno stile originale di creazione e invenzione, non limitato alla riproduzione del passato, ma aperto alla immaginazione di un futuro molteplice

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Luca Cottini

Associate Professor of Italian Studies

Villanova University