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      PUBLIC LECTURE The Design of Value . A Brief History of Italian Branding November 5, 2020 2pmET Click on the image to register for the event Home About I'm interested in... News & Events Forum Members More Monthly Release Schedule A YouTube show exploring the Italian way to innovation through presentations, interviews, and lessons. For academics, professionals, students, and lovers of Italian culture and industry. Stories of Italian Creativity & Entrepreneurship ​ # Innovators (1st + podcast) # ItalianAges (7th) # Interviews (15th + podcast) # ItalianModernities (21st) # Beauty&Innovation (25th) Trailer of the show A presentation of Italian Innovators (themes, audience, story) Latest release Creare bellezza è innovare #Innovators Presentations of innovative figures in design, fashion, technology, music, food #Interviews Interviews to prominent academics, professionals or entrepreneurs #ItalianAges Lessons of Italian Cultural History from the Middle Ages to the present #ItalianModernities Lessons on the history of Italian modernity Show More ©Italian Innovators 2018 SUBSCRIBE to the channel or JOIN the newsletter Join CREATOR & HOST Luca Cottini CONTACT Discover Italy's Contribution to Modern Arts, Fashion, Business, Design, and Technology

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    • 1944 Marconi Memorial built by Italian POWs

      P.O.W. CAMP No. 61, Wynols Hill Coleford, Great Britain. The Italian POWs kept in Camp No. 61 built the Marconi Memorial in 1944 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Marconi’s radio transmitter. It was completed by Christmas Day, 1944. More information available at:

    • Marconi in space!

      For all of you space lovers... Did you know that the asteroid 1332 Marconia is named in his honor? And that there is also a large crater on the far side of the moon that is named after him?! Pretty cool right? Can you find any other out of this world objects named after Marconi? Or any earthly objects? If so, comment below or add a new post to this category!

    • Marconi created our digital world!

      The technology Marconi created is still used today, and not just in radio! Today, radio waves are used in many common devices, including cell phones, radar, Bluetooth speakers, GPS signals, garage-door openers, baby monitors, drones, and more. So, Marconi basically had a huge hand in the creation of the digital age we live in today. Like Marconi said himself: "Have I done the world good, or have I added a menace?" What do you think?

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