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    Episodes ​ Beauty&Innovation (25th of each month - YouTube) ​ Chats & lectures on the relationship of arts and entrepreneurship #BEAUTY&INNOVATION CHATS ​ What does beauty have to do with innovation? The Italian case

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    Home About YouTube/Podcast News & Events More News & Events September 25 - New Episode What does beauty have to do with innovation? The Italian case #Beauty&Innovation chats October 1 - Coming up Fabiola Gianotti. The Aesthetic Creativity of Science

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    Home About YouTube/Podcast News & Events More EPISODES #Innovators #Interviews #Beauty&Innovation COURSE #ItalianAges #ItalianModernities #ItalianBeauties Stories of Italian Creativity & Entrepreneurship ​ ​ Join LATEST RELEASE What does beauty have to do with innovation? The Italian case Contact: Luca Cottini ©Italian Innovators 2018 Discover Italy's Contribution to Modern Arts, Fashion, Business, Design, and Technology

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    Home About YouTube/Podcast News & Events More Italian Ages ​( new lesson every 7th of the month) From the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages Medieval Travels and the Pursuit of a New World From the Late Middle Ages to Humanism Italian Renaissance A Century of Marvel. The Italian Baroque The Italian Settecento From Restoration to Risorgimento. The 19th Century A Culture of Time and Space (1880-1930) The Great War and the Advent of Fascism From Fascist Dictatorship to WWII (1925-1945) The Post-War Reconstruction and the Economic Boom Crisis and Excellence. Italy’s Present Lessons Course presentation ​ ​ Italian Beauties (​ new lessons July & August 2021) Savoir Faire/Vivre Creativity Diversity Heritage Italian Modernities ​(n ew lesson every 21st of the month) Italy & Food. Culture and Industry Italian Fashion. Origins, Evolution, and System A Cultural History of Italian Photography The Golden Age of Italian Silent Cinema Italian Times Bicycles and the Mechanic Industry. Sports, Tourism, and the National Imagination Italy and the Development of Modern Transportation The Simultaneous Age. The Broadcasting Age. The Network Age. The Shape of Knowledge. On Writing and Computing. The Design of Experience. Products, Objects, Spaces.

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    Keywords Captions available in English sottotitoli disponibili in italiano ​ ENTREPRENEURSHIP ​ BUSINESS ​ DESIGN ​ INDUSTRY ​ CULTURE TRADITION ​ MASTERY ​ AMBITION ​ LUXURY ​ TECHNOLOGY

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    Home About YouTube/Podcast News & Events More Format YouTube #Innovators #Interviews #Beauty&Innovation #Lessons Podcast Innovators (presentations) and interviews Lessons #ItalianAges #ItalianModernities #ItalianBeauties #Lessons Show More

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    YouTube Channel Monthly releases ​ 1st of each month presentation of an #innovator figure (the audio version of the episode will be available as podcast). Captions in English & sottotitoli in italiano ​ 7th of each month course #lesson on Italian cultural history (#ItalianAges) - YouTube only ​ 15th of each month #interview with academics, professionals, or entrepreneurs in Italian-related contexts ​ 21 st of each month course #lesson on Italian contributions to the modern world (#ItalianModernities) - YouTube only ​ 25th of each month #beauty&innovation chat (dedicated to innovative figures in Italian arts & literature) - YouTube only

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    Episodes ​ Interviews (15th of each month - YouTube & Podcast) ​ Conversations with leading business figures or academics in Italian Studies ​ Season 3 THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. ON ITALIAN FOOD & WINE Vic Rallo (restaurateur, wine critic, host of PBS show ) On the Road with Vic Rallo Season 2 THE ITALIAN WAY TO MEDICINE Ignazio Marino (Transplant Surgeon, Professor of Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University ​) ​ THE ITALIAN FASHION SYSTEM Nicola Guerini (General Manager at Milano Fashion Institute) ​ THE ITALIAN CULTURAL NETWORK Pier Forlano, General Consul of Italy in Philadelphia ​ ON RACING, COMPETITION, AND ITALIAN CARS Fred Simeone (Neurosurgeon and owner of the world’s #1 car collection, The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum) ​ THE ART AND BUSINESS OF MAKEUP Clio Zammatteo (Co-Founder of ClioMakeUp, Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Influencer, TV Presenter) ​ ITALY/USA. A LONG STORY OF CULTURAL EXCHANGE Guido Bonsaver (Oxford University) ​ INNOVATING TRADITION. THE BUSINESS OF OPERA Corrado Rovaris (Music Director at Opera Philadelphia) ​ ​ THE DESIGN OF KNOWLEDGE. ON ITALIAN CULTURE, INNOVATION, & THE NEW MEDIA Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard University, Piaggio Fast Forward) ​ ABOUT THE ITALIAN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY Armando Fumagalli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano) ​ WHAT IS ITALIAN DESIGN? Mauro Porcini (SVP & Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo) ​ INVESTING IN ITALY. INVESTING IN ITALIAN Joseph Gulino (multilingual American attorney at DRRT) ​ ON FASHION, CINEMA, AND COSTUME DESIGN Eugenia Paulicelli (fashion scholar at Queens College, CUNY)

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    Episodes #Innovators (1st of each month - YouTube & Podcast) Captions in English for all / sottotitoli in italiano ​ Presentations of innovative figures in contemporary Italian culture & business Season 3 LEONE JACOVACCI The Wise Audacity of Fighting ​ Season 2 WALTER BONATTI The Pursuit of the Impossible BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Philosophizing Fashion. On Business, Culture, and Ethics. SAMANTHA CRISTOFORETTI A Woman Astronaut and Our Endless Quest for the Moon FERRUCCIO LAMBORGHINI The Spirit of Competition ENNIO MORRICONE The Craft of Sound MARGHERITA GUARDUCCI The Italian Female Archaeologist who located the Tomb of Saint Peter MASSIMO BOTTURA On the Italian Art of Cooking CORRADINO D’ASCANIO The designer of Vespa and the inventor of helicopters GAE AULENTI The Female star of Italian Architecture MICHELE FERRERO Chocolate dialogues. How Nutella turned from a sweet spread into a cultural icon ARMANDO CIMOLAI The Italian mastery of matter. Why Italy, yes Italy, is a global leader in the export of steel MILENA CANONERO The costume designer of Hollywood. About fashion, cinema, and the Italian sartorial imagination Season 1 LEOPOLDO & VITTORIO ALINARI The founding fathers of Italian photography. How Florence became the city of photographers, and why its photographic archives matter. CAMILLO & ADRIANO OLIVETTI The origins of computing. The Avant-garde of design. What does an Italian Typewriter have to do with your Mac? EDOARDO BIANCHI Bicycles, tires, and the modern re-invention of the wheel. Bianchi and the birth of sports, tourism, and transportation. FRANCESCA CABRINI About sanctity and Innovation. The story of the Italian nun who became the first American saint. MARIA MONTESSORI Educating creativity and self-mastery. How Italians made it into American schools. ALFONSO BIALETTI Italy’s love affair with coffee. Espresso making and creative thinking in Bialetti’s moka. DAVIDE CAMPARI Milano, the aperitivo, and the art of cocktail. GUGLIELMO MARCONI From the bold dreams of an Italian scientist to global broadcasting. Radio & the creation of a simultaneous world. ENZO FERRARI The myth of racing in a country of ancient ruins. ELSA SCHIAPARELLI Pioneering fashion design as an art. How Italy made it into the fashion industry. ENRICO CARUSO & GIULIO RICORDI How the greatest Italian tenor and the most renowned Italian publisher of musical scores made Italian opera known throughout the world. SENATORE BORLETTI How the first producer of Italian clocks became the hand behind the high end department store La Rinascente and Italy’s leading publishing house Mondadori

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    The Project ​ Italian Innovators has grown out of my experience as a professor of Italian Studies in the United States. It starts from scholarship as a zeal for constant discovery and teaching as an empowering art of sharing. It is rooted in my peculiar position at the intersection of worlds, as an Italian in America, as a classical philologist dealing with modern design, as a cultural historian interacting with industry. It springs from the desire to constantly translate worlds, from the aspiration to effectively combine research and storytelling, and naturally from an inexhaustible passion for Italy, my country, which I appreciate now even more as not just a repository of past marvels, but rather as a lively piazza of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. ​ In the show, I present Italy’s contributions to the modern world and explore their underlying model of success, which I trace in Italy’s deliberate hybridization of culture and industry, beauty and technology, and craft and production, as I also point out in my book Episodes are available on ITunes, Spotify, , and YouTube, and are published on the 1st and 15th of each month. In the first episode of each month, I introduce the figure of an Italian innovator, in the fields of music, technology, design, or fashion, and in the second episode, I present, on YouTube, an intellectual who made innovative contributions to the arts, and, in the podcast, I interview key players and up-and-coming figures in a variety of fields related to Italy or Italian culture. Starting in September 2020 I will release video installments of an on this channel, to provide our chats with a broader historical and cultural context, so be sure to check that out, as well. The Art of Objects, The Birth of Italian Industrial Culture. Spreaker Italian Innovators course ​ I invite you to subscribe to the to receive notifications of new videos, and to follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter @ITAinnovators or @LucaCottini for additional materials. Don’t forget to leave your comments or email me with your suggestions. Lastly, if you enjoy these stories as much as I do in crafting them, I ask you to share them with family, friends, colleagues and lovers of Italian culture! Grazie infinite. YouTube channel