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Conversations with leading business figures or academics in Italian Studies

Where is an original idea born? Design thinking & the process of innovation | #interview - G. Zaccai
What does #beauty have to do with #science? (A conversation with Luca Cottini) | #interview
Italian Innovators

What does #beauty have to do with #science? (A conversation with Luca Cottini) | #interview

An interview with Luca Cottini (PhD) for the #podcast "Beauty at Work" (hosted by Dr. Brandon Vaidyanathan, associate professor and chair of sociology at the Catholic University of America) Intro | presentation of "Beauty at Work" (min 1:00) | Our conversation! (min 2:00) * Italian culture as a model of #designthinking * The impact of beauty on science. From Galileo to Fabiola Gianotti * Culture and entropy. How #fiction and #art can provide understanding of #complexity * The Italian #innovation paradigm vs the American pioneering model * Science & #creativity. Ingenium as engineering and ingenuity * The piazza as a model of relational #entrepreneurship The podcast show Beauty at Work explores how beauty shapes our lives and the work that we do. In this interview-based podcast, sociologist Brandon Vaidyanathan examines the role of beauty in domains like science, business, religion, food, and justice, in dialogue with leaders and experts across many fields. You can find the podcast on all major platforms. More info on the project at Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you did, make sure to leave a comment here below and subscribe to this YouTube channel as a way to enrich this conversation and receive notification of new episodes. Also, don’t forget to visit the official webpage of the show at for more information about this project.
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