Italian Ages 

​(new lesson every 7th of the month)

  1. From the Roman Empire to the Middle Ages

  2. Medieval Travels and the Pursuit of a New World

  3. From the Late Middle Ages to Humanism

  4. Italian Renaissance Courts

  5. A Century of Marvel. The Italian Baroque

  6. The Italian Settecento

  7. From Restoration to Risorgimento. The 19th Century

  8. A Culture of Time and Space (1880-1930)

  9. The Great War and the Advent of Fascism

  10. From Fascist Dictatorship to WWII (1925-1945)

  11. The Post-War Reconstruction and the Economic Boom

  12. Crisis and Excellence. Italy’s Present

Italian Beauties

(​new lessons July & August 2021)

  1. Savoir Faire/Vivre

  2. Creativity

  3. Diversity

  4. Heritage

Italian Modernities

​(new lesson every 21st of the month)

  1. Italy & Food. Culture and Industry

  2. Italian Fashion. Origins, Evolution, and System

  3. A Cultural History of Italian Photography

  4. The Golden Age of Italian Silent Cinema

  5. Italian Times

  6. Bicycles and the Mechanic Industry. Sports, Tourism, and the National Imagination

  7. Italy and the Development of Modern Transportation

  8. The Simultaneous Age. The Broadcasting Age. The Network Age.

  9. The Shape of Knowledge. On Writing and Computing.

  10. The Design of Experience. Products, Objects, Spaces.