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The business of happiness.
A humanistic guide to meaningful entrepreneurship


Introduction. A clarification of terms

1. Design thinking

1.1. An introduction to design thinking

1.2. Design thinking. Invention

1.3. Design thinking. Innovation


2. Storytelling and entrepreneurship

2.1. Introduction to storytelling and entrepreneurship

2.2. The story-factor

2.3. The gift of content 


3. Creating content, creating value

3.1. Content marketing and value creation in the digital world

3.2. Rapidity and multiplicity of interactions

3.3. From impression to long-term relationship 


4. Case study. The Italian aura

4.1. Introduction to Italian entrepreneurship. Where economic meets cultural value

4.2. The creative power of limit

4.3. Disegno. The aesthetic engineering of an object

4.4. A fusion of works. The opera model


Conclusion. The goal of a business is happiness

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