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The Italian Innovators project (YouTube, Spotify, LinkedIn, and Instagram) bridges academic scholarship and storytelling, creative and strategic thinking, as well as Italian and American perspectives on the processes and values underlying meaningful innovation. The channel ( has become a virtual piazza for academics, students, designers, and entrepreneurs across the world.
Italian Innovators has grown out of my experience as a University professor in the United States. It starts from scholarship as a zeal for constant discovery and teaching as an empowering art of sharing. It is rooted in my position at the intersection of worlds, as an Italian in America, as a classical philologist dealing with modern design, as a cultural historian interacting with industry. It springs from the desire to translate worlds, from the aspiration to combine research and storytelling, and from an inexhaustible passion for Italy, my country, which I appreciate now even more as a lively piazza of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

In the show, I present Italy's contributions to the modern world and explore their underlying model of success, which I trace in the deliberate hybridization of culture and industry, beauty and technology, and craft and production. In the YouTube channel you will find profiles of great innovators, interviews to contemporary professionals and academics, and lessons on Italian cultural history, observed from the combined perspectives of literature and economy. 

Here are two interviews that present the project (don't forget to check out the channel's trailer here below!)

* Interview by Tiziano Dossena, Italian Innovators: A Podcast, A Website, A Classroom About Italy And Italians… L’idea, March 6, 2021

* Interview by Umberto Mucci, Telling the Italian Innovators to the Americans. We the Italians. 152, June 2022, pp. 67-84.

I invite you to subscribe to the YouTube channel to receive notifications of new videos, and to follow me on LinkedIn or Instagram @italianinnovators for additional materials on the show. If you enjoy these stories as much as I do in crafting them, I ask you to recommend or share them with family, friends, colleagues and lovers of Italian culture! Grazie infinite.
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